Support for Local Practices

Brodart offers a comprehensive array of physical processing options.

Spine Labels

Brodart’s spine labels support content up to nine characters across for eight rows.

Genre and Classification Labels

An extensive listing of genre and classification labels is available for selection.

Bar Code Labels

Choose from several label styles and let Brodart apply and link your bar codes.

Spine Labels
Branch/Property Labels and Stamping

Apply custom name and address information to a specified location.

Title/Pocket Labels

A label containing bibliographic details can be affixed to a designated location.

RFID and Theft Detection

Protect your material with a broad range of security options.

Jacketing/Label Protectors

Jackets and label protectors guard against wear and tear, increasing the circulation life of your books.

Paperback Reinforcement Services

Improve durability and longevity with paperback laminate reinforcement and paperback conversion to hardcover binding. Click here for more information.