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Collection Development

Let us research titles for you, so you can free up staff to interact with patrons. Trust Brodart's expert librarians to do the heavy lifting and help manage your collection.

Subscription Services

Our annual subscription plans are designed to help libraries keep up with patron demand and offer a collection of popular materials.

Graphic Novels

Online Ordering

Search, select, and share lists. Bibz® — Brodart's free online ordering and collection development tool — is designed exclusively for libraries.

Opening Day Collection Services

INTRODUCING: Bibz Analytics

This innovative collection development tool reviews circulation patterns to generate valuable insights for improving title selection. Bibz Analytics calculates highest circulation potential by branch for existing and forthcoming titles.




Brodart is committed to book-in-hand Cataloging. Our comprehensive, accurate MARC records give libraries the control to categorize, shelve, and track as they choose — and enable patrons to easily find the materials they want.

  • Starter: provides simple customization options for tailoring the MARC record, item record, and local call number to your library’s requirements.
  • Flex: allows us to address your local practices and customize bibliographic descriptions of your material, which results in less work for your library and accelerates your receipt-to-circulation process.
  • Compleat: is the most robust book-in-hand cataloging and customization service available, providing libraries with customized, circulation-ready MARC records and physical processing fully aligned with local practices and specifications.
Physical Processing

Physical Processing

To complete your service package, choose any of the following options that work best for your library.

  • Spine Labels
  • Genre and Classification Labels
  • Barcode Labels
  • Branch/Property Labels and Stamping
  • Title/Pocket Labels
  • Jacketing/Label Protectors
  • RFID and Theft Detection
  • Reinforcement Services